Who can benefit from the erasmus + program?

The Erasmus + program is for staff and professionals involved in education and training. Teachers, school leaders and other staff working in pre-primary, primary, secondary, VET and high schools, and adult education institutions, in program countries can receive additional training and benefits through joining a variety of interesting courses abroad. Such courses also ensure an exchange of knowledge and best practices in education.

How can one apply for funding?

First of all, organizations intending to take part in Erasmus+ Program need to register in the Unique Registration Facility (URF) of the EU’s Participant Portal, in order to obtain a PIC number. The PIC number has nine digits and enables the organization to benefit from the features of the electronic application form. Secondly schools and institutions must draw up a development plan and organize mobility activities for their staff to receive further training abroad.

The Head of School or organisation has to submit to a single grant application which will allow the school or institution to organize a set of mobility activities abroad for its staff and students.
The school / institution development plan should be thought through thoroughly. In the application form, the Head of School will need to indicate the number of staff members and students who will benefit from the funds, the type of training needed and the destination countries for the mobility activities.
This means that individuals will no longer have to fill in their own application forms, but will be sent for training by the school /institution they work for. 

Where can one find the application form?

The application form is available for downloading at the Erasmus+ website and that of the National Agency of the applicant country. Application forms must be submitted to the National Agency of the applicant country.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will help you to keep informed about dates and to complete all steps until submission of the application form.